The Top Thinkers of Beyond the Rhetoric

The month of May is technically not over yet, but I imagine the list of top thinkers isn’t going to change much in the next 36 hours. This post is my way of recognizing and thanking the BTR community members who contributed the greatest number of comments in the preceding month. While most of the top thinkers of April are making a repeat appearance, we have one brand new face joining in on the fun.

Loyal Beyond the Rhetoric reader Ray Ebersole once again takes the top spot. Over on his own blog, he recently provided five basic rules for personal interaction. Remember that you don’t always have to be right, and it’s oftentimes better to be a good listener than it is to be a good talker. Really listen and your conversations will benefit greatly.

Last year, Betshopboy attacked the half marathon for the Beat the Sunrise challenge. This year, he took on the full marathon. He started his 42km running journey for Light Up the City at 12:30am among very hot and humid conditions, only to encounter cold torrential rainfall at just past the halfway mark. Even though his body wanted to give up, he persevered and finished the race in 4 hours 27 minutes.

The best cure is prevention and, according to Used Tires, the same is true when it comes to used tire problems. If you’re only changing two tires, for example, change the rear ones first, as at least you can compensate for control with the front tires. Of course, it’s better to replace all four at the same time if you can.

For some reason or another, it seems that I have developed a readership in Singapore. Joining Betshopboy is NewLaunch Guru. The site is described as the “frontline of Singapore new project launches,” focusing on real estate in the area. One of the most recent is Tropika East, a new 105-unit condo development located near Katong Shopping Centre.

Rounding out the top five for May is Colocation. While many of us utilize conventional shared web hosting for our sites, some of you may be interested in dedicated colocation. Check out that post for a detailed definition and explanation about the key differences, costs, advantages and benefits.