The Walking Dead

And so we find ourselves at Wednesday once again, so that means it’s time to do the weekly speedlink here on Beyond the Rhetoric. To help you get over the mid-week hump, I’ve gathered together some interesting reads from around the Internet. The topics covered are quite varied, so there should be a little something here for everyone.

We start off by visiting Stacey Robinsmith, who has a guest post up from Surrey teacher Mr. Ewen. He recently received a letter from a past student, who wrote about how the lessons she learned, “especially the ones involving global topics, have left a strong impression.” She talks about how Mr. Ewen changed her life and how he was able to give her “this amazing sense of empowerment.” Teachers are an integral part of our society and the sooner this strike action is resolved, the better.

Now that Darren Barefoot has been living in France for a little while, he’s noticed a few things that are different. The French don’t seem to like face cloths, automatic cars, clothes dryers, or chocolate chip cookies. While he has come to accept ice-less glasses of soda, he still misses Slurpees. Sometimes, it’s the little things that make all the difference.

Gas prices continue to rise and Trent Hamm is chiming in with some thoughts on the situation. He reminds us that carpooling and buying a more fuel efficient car are just “band-aid” solutions. Instead, you should be thinking about shortening your commute, possibly by working from home or simply moving closer to your place of work. You have to start thinking longer term if you want to hedge your bets against the “fluctuations of prices around you.”

Thanks to Dot Com Pho, you may already know about my love of the Vietnamese noodle soup. Jennie Yuen really likes it too, but she doesn’t necessarily need to go out to get it, nor does she need beef. Instead, she’s sharing the recipe for Master Chef Helene An’s pho, which uses a “heady chicken broth” that’s a “staple during the flu season due to its immunity boosting properties.”

Easily one of my favorite shows on TV right now is The Walking Dead. Fellow freelancer Dylan Duarte also enjoys the zombie apocalypse series, voicing his thoughts on the recent “Judge, Jury, Executioner” episode. It’s great to see that after the slower episodes from the first half of the season that we’re back into some more intense undead action. The drama is still there; it just happens to be surrounded by a more omnipresent threat of death.