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There are only twenty-four hours in the day and we somehow all have twenty-five hours’ worth of responsibilities on our plates. One way or another, these tasks have to be completed and that’s how we begin the weekly speedlink here on Beyond the Rhetoric.

I’ve written about procrastination in the past, but the advice given by Gretchen Rubin is quite different. One strategy that she encourages is to do nothing. More specifically, the key is to offer “doing nothing” as the only alternative to the task at hand. This eliminates the pitfall of allowing everything else to look more attractive than the thing that you really should be doing.

Before you can attack that procrastination, though, you need to get out of bed. Jay White talks about five simple ways to wake up and face the world. Avoiding heavy meals before going to sleep and focusing on an important task first thing in the morning are among the tips that Jay provides.

What about a longer timeline? Trent Hamm reminds us that different people will have different definitions of retirement. As such, they should also have different perspectives when it comes to retirement savings. How much money do you need saved by the time you reach your 60s? What are you going to be doing during your retired years?

It feels like only yesterday that Darren Barefoot was living in Malta. Then, he came back and “lived Canadian” for a year. Now, he has suddenly moved to France (that’s his photo at the top). The beauty of the Internet and entrepreneurship allow for such international travel and, perhaps, it is through this kind of continued displacement that Darren is able to find his inspiration and get things done. A change of scenery is always nice.

While it’s not quite as far away as a smaller french village (population: 1,500), Rebecca Bollwitt recently spent two days in Seattle (population: 600,000+). This is a relatively short jaunt from Vancouver, but getting out to see the rest of the world can work wonders in refreshing the mind. I particularly like visiting Pike Place Market and watching NFL football.