New York Times Square

And so we find ourselves at another hump day. To help you get over that hump, I have once again compiled a collection of interesting reads from around the Internet. Enjoy!

We start off with Ray Ebersole, who is discussing the evils of politically correctness. While I absolutely agree that we should have a mutual respect for our fellow man, we also shouldn’t feel like we can’t say what’s on our minds. Free speech has somehow become less free, as so many of us fear the backlash we’d get from those towing the PC line.

Next, Stacey Robinsmith takes us on a Nissan Leaf test drive. This all-electric vehicle offers about 80km of range on a full charge, so you’ll want to plan your journeys accordingly. You’ll still have to think about power consumption, as an electric car isn’t completely green either. Stacey also talks about iPads for students. Go figure.

As Rebecca Bollwitt points out, our local newspaper recently celebrated a full century of reporting. She offers a brief history of the Vancouver Sun and how it has evolved over the years. We even get a vintage photo of the advertising department at the Sun from way back in 1923. It may not be the New York Times, but our local paper has certainly been a part of the city’s heritage.

Speaking of New York, Anny Chih recently made her way over to the Big Apple where she landed a full-time job as a sales coordinator. She recounts the two weeks’ worth of adventures she’s had thus far in New York, including some good food, some banking, and some good friends.

And finally, we find that Catherine from Her Bad Mother has also made the leap and moved to New York too! The changes are quite drastic, shifting from a small town in Canada to one of the busiest urban centers in the United States. Her family situation has undergone a significant change too, but she’s glad that the love they share “does lift me higher.”