Las Vegas Strip

I’ve been coming to Las Vegas every January for the Consumer Electronics Show for several years now and each time I learn just a couple more lessons about how to make the adventure a little more manageable. It’s always overwhelming and we rarely get enough sleep while here, but there are a few things you can do to minimize the stress.

Create a Plan of Attack

Scheduling appointments and managing logistics are important, but you also have to remember to stick to the plans that you create. Research what you need to know ahead of time and load up those maps on your smartphone. You can likely expect that there will be delays and things won’t always happen as they should, though. Roll with the punches, get back on track, and stick to your game plan. Also recognize that you’ll always be in a time crunch and you may have a very difficult time keeping up with what your regular duties may have been outside of the trade show.

Be Aware of Transportation Options

Getting up and down the Las Vegas Strip to attend meetings (and parties) is a major part of attending a trade show in this town. I’ve discussed Las Vegas transportation before, but there are a couple more options I’d like to add. There are free hotel shuttles during CES to select locations. That’s convenient, but it’s also remarkably busy. A pretty cost-effective solution is The Deuce and its corresponding express bus service. It’s only $7 for a 24-hour pass. Keep in mind that Deuce (a double decker bus) does not stop directly in front of the Las Vegas Convention Centre, but the express bus does.

Get Some Sleep

They call it Sin City for a reason and you’ll be presented with plenty of options for nightlife. You want to have fun, even if you are attending a trade show for work, but don’t forget to get some quality shut-eye too. Otherwise, you’ll regret it the day after and make the trade show even more exhausting.

Have you attended a major trade show like CES? Do you have any other tips for attendees?