20111031 halloween - 10

Another month has come and gone. The leaves are changing colors. The breeze in the air is just a little chillier than it was yesterday. And now we’re ready to turn to the next page with today’s speedlink.

But before we do, we take a look a couple days back with Buzz Bishop. He’s noticed that someone is killing Halloween and it’s really killing the buzz in the suburbs. I found that there were fewer children out trick-or-treating in my neighborhood too, possibly because more families are turning to malls and other “safe” places to do the trick-or-treat thing. At least we can still have some scary stories to share.

Looking ahead, we turn to how people are bettering themselves. For example, Scott Young is now one month into his accelerated MIT education challenge. This isn’t really the same thing as attending MIT on an official basis, but Scott is doing wonders to learn more, especially when he’s still taking in the lessons and writing the exams… at four times the pace!

Perhaps on a slightly less practical note, Anny Chih recently started learning how to wield a sword. What she has discovered is that she is very glad to live in the 21st century rather than during Medieval times. Even so, these classes sound like a lot of fun and, despite what you may believe, they’re also a fantastic workout.

Continuing with the theme of advancing ourselves, Bob Buskirk is ready to really start hustling as we approach the end of the year. He wants to get a lot done before he makes his way to Las Vegas in January for the Consumer Electronics Show. That’s how you do it! You have to get down to work if you want to accomplish your goals.

At the same time, you also have to recognize when you should ease off the throttle. In a sense, that’s what Raul Pacheco-Vega is doing as he’s putting his blog on hiatus. Sort of. He has many other obligations and the blog is going on the back burner, aside from prior commitments and pre-written content. Of all people, I think Raul deserves a break, even if this isn’t really a break.