My Writing Around the Web

Beyond the Rhetoric, for most intents and purposes, is a personal blog. I write about the business of freelancing from time to time, among other topics, but these are all of personal interest. My primary source of income is my freelance writing business. But what exactly do I write?

Depending on how you found me, you might know me best for my technology-related writing. I do a fair number of product reviews centered around consumer electronics. I also blog daily about this industry.

FCC: All US cell phones must have true GPS by 2018

That’s a post I wrote for Mobile Magazine. While I am based in Canada, a big part of the mobile audience is in the United States. That’s mostly true for many of the sites that feature my writing. I’ve been with Mobile Mag for years, covering everything from cell phones to tablets, GPS to Nintendo DS.

MEGATech Reviews – Ugly Americans Apocalypsegeddon for XBLA and PSN

Similarly, video games fall within my areas of expertise. That is a recent game review I wrote for MEGATechNews, featuring an oddly humorous Xbox Live Arcade title based on a Comedy Central animated series. On the same site, you’ll find more reviews, event coverage, news stories, and so on for all things digital lifestyle.

Getting Real Results with Measurable SEO

Some of you might also know me from the world of Internet marketing, social media, search engine optimization, making money online, affiliate marketing, and that whole sphere. Above is a review posted on John Chow’s blog about a professional SEO service. By and large, most of the reviews on John’s site are written by me.

What Is Procrastination? Defining And Dealing With The #1 Productivity Killer

Several “personal development” posts are featured here on Beyond the Rhetoric, but I also discuss many of these similar matters on other sites too. For instance, the article above comes by way of Smartlife Blog, a site dedicated to leveraging technology to make our lives easier, smarter, and more efficient. The procrastination post was fun, mostly because of the related quotes that I included.

And so, there you have four recent examples of my writing. There is also uncredited content that is written by me — like web copy, ghost writing, and press releases — but that should give you a general sense of what I do each day. Are you or someone you know looking for a writer or editor? Drop me a line and we’ll see what we can do for one another.