One of the rare non-Apple laptops seen in an otherwise cool park full of cool people

Once upon a time, starting your own online business was largely an unconventional move. Today, attitudes are quickly shifting and that’s led to the topic for this week’s speedlink. It’s all about making money and building a career on the Internet.

We start out with John Chow. You might remember an episode of Dot Com Pho where he mentioned an upcoming workshop about serious interactive marketing. Well, you can now register for codename: Simple. It’s set to take place on July 28 and it’s completely free to attend; you just have to sign up.

Next up, we have Derek Semmler. He’s expanding his online scope by launching Teague Publishing, an independent e-publishing house that specializes mostly in short stories. That said, they are “more interested in doing what we can to help writers achieve their dreams.” Good luck!

Flipping common sense on its head, Jennifer Mattern urges all the freelancers out there to get more rest if they want to get more done. Pushing yourself to your limit everyday is going to be draining and the quality of your work is just going to suffer. You’re only doing your clients a disservice by burning the midnight oil every night.

Over at Copyblogger, Demian Farnworth provides ten ways to beat online obscurity. With literally millions of blogs on the Internet, it’s very hard to get noticed. Demian suggests you give away content, promote other people (ahem, What’s Up Wednesdays!), and wear an eye patch. Be quirky, be recognizable, and most importantly, be memorable!

You might find the “dot com lifestyle” to be very alluring, but Tyler Cruz has a big piece of advice for you: don’t quit your day job yet. Making money online is not nearly as easy as it may seem and earning consistent income will be a real test. Until you’re able to demonstrate a consistent ability to generate reliable income on the Internet, you might want the safety net of a conventional job.