Five Hole for Food, Vancouver (1 of 7)

Every Wednesday, I gather together a collection of blog posts from around the Internet. This week’s selection roughly focuses on the broad subject of summer. There should be a little something for everyone here.

We start out with our friend Raul Pacheco, who participated in the mainstream media game at Five Hole for Food 2011. There’s nothing quite like playing road hockey in the summer, especially when you’re supporting such a worthy cause. I was down there later that afternoon and had a great time.

Over on the other side of the pond, Betshopboy recently had the opportunity to travel to India on business. While there, he enjoyed an extra adventure when he took the domestic flight between Bangalore and Chennai. This is aboard an ATR twin-engine turbopro aircraft powered by propellers. We rarely see these in civilian air travel anymore, except for maybe the smaller seaplanes for commuter flights.

The post from Ray Ebersole isn’t directly related to summer, but the message is really something that you should take to heart: do it anyway. People may forget the good that you do, but do good anyway. Even if could be destroyed overnight, build anyway. People may accuse you of ulterior motives, but be kind anyway. Don’t let the “what ifs” stop you from doing what’s right.

He may have spent a good deal of his life in Vancouver and he may have since moved to Calgary, but Buzz Bishop is also on the lookout for fun things to do in other places too. So, he has put together a list of 12 great activities in the Montana Flathead. From the Apgar tourist trap to ziplining at Big Mountain, you’re bound to find something entertaining.

Or maybe you’re not the type to go outside. That’s okay too. Just heed the advice of one John Bardinelli if you’re going to partake in some online gaming: be clear in your communication. He brings up the example of Team Fortress 2, but this could just as easily apply to any other team-based online video game. So, where is the spy?