How to carve pineapples and mangoes by Melody Fury

It’s no secret that I like good food, but it probably wouldn’t kill me to be a little more mindful of what I eat. And it is with that kind of mindset that I open this week’s speedlink. Are you thinking with your stomach?

We start out with a visit to Ray Ebersole’s new blog, Diabetics Life, to find a great post on pre-diagnosing diabetes by keeping an eye on your normal digestion. If you happen to catch some of these early symptoms, you should consult with your preferred medical professional for further testing.

I don’t normally link to so-called “commercial” blogs in these What’s Up Wednesdays speedlinks, but a recent post on Smart Canucks caught my eye. It’s about the Bobble water bottle. In effect, it’s a reusable bottle that has a built-in filtration system. In this way, it works almost like a portable Brita, but is it really a viable solution for clean water on the go?

Buzz Bishop and I can oftentimes have our differences in opinion, but I agree with him that you should drink Moose Drool when you are in Montana. What he means is that when you are traveling, do what you can to try the local fare rather than sticking with the familiar chains. Yes, Moose Drools is a beer.

See those pictures at the top of this post? They come by way of Melody Fury of Gourmet Fury. In addition to describing the best way to chop up pineapple and mango, she also has a great recipe for pineapple mango salsa. A nice fresh salsa is great for the summer and this “non-recipe” is perfectly effortless. Don’t forget the lime juice!

And finally, we have Healthy Food Chart breaking things down with a discussion of the raw food diet. They say that you get more nutrition from raw fruits and vegetables than you do through their cooked or processed counterparts, but is the raw food diet suitable for everyone? For my part, I think I’d miss too many things to really give this diet a fair shake.