Sunday Snippet: Buddha on Mistakes

“There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth… not going all the way, and not starting.”

Since I happen to be traveling through Asia, I thought it would be appropriate to bring up a quote from Buddha. While the quote makes reference to discovering the truth, I think that the same kind of mentality can apply to the quest for success and happiness as well.

Far too often, we find ourselves wishing for greater knowledge, greater happiness, and greater success. Unfortunately, wishing doesn’t really get you anywhere. You have to do something about it. Buddha reminds us that not starting means that you have zero opportunity to make it down that road to truth.

Similarly, even if we do manage to get started, it is very easy to lose our motivation and drive. We see this all the time with people who decide to start blogs, write a flurry of posts, and then leave the site stagnant for ages. People start exercise regimens with great fervor, only to abandon them a couple weeks later when they don’t realize any immediate results.

Perhaps it is the fear of failure that makes these kinds of endeavors so challenging, but “not going all the way” is a guaranteed way to fail. You have to try. You have to stick with it. You have to see it through and get past the rough spots.

The centuries-old wisdom of Buddha still applies today. Even if you’re not a Buddhist, there is definitely something to learn here.