Chuifen Village, Taiwan

As you may have heard, I’m still in Taiwan. This is my third time here, but I have only ventured outside of Taipei once. That was for a set of factory tours. Since I’m here for an extra week this time around, I wanted to make it a point to visit places outside of the main city. One such destination is Chuifen Village.

Also spelled as Juifen, Chuifen literally translates as nine families or nine sets. This is because the old mining town was established as such. These days, there’s no more mining going on. Instead, it serves more as a preserved glimpse into the past for the small mountain town. It serves as a movie set (and a tourist trap).

So, how does this play into the title of today’s blog post? Well, in addition to some of the good eats I enjoyed there (check my Flickr photostream), I also picked up an ocarina. Video game fans will likely best know the ocarina from the Legend of Zelda series.

Ocarina of Time

I’m not really into RPGs, nor am I particularly musically inclined, but I couldn’t help but buy one. Back in my elementary school days, I learned how to play the recorder (poorly), so hopefully that will help with teaching myself to play the ocarina. Then, perhaps one day, I can do this:

We all need a hobby and a channel for creative expression, right? Since I already play Rock Band, this ocarina should be a piece of cake. (Ha!)

Here are a few more photos from Chuifen Village:

Chuifen Village Downtown

Glutenous Pork Translucent Dumpling

Taiwan Mountain Town

Juifen Village Personality