Sand Bottles

Every Wednesday, I gather up some interesting blog posts that I found on the Internet. Some weeks have a theme; other weeks don’t. For today’s speedlink, you could say that the theme is being super in one way or another. We could all be just a little more super, after all.

Darren Barefoot does a lot of traveling, but that doesn’t necessarily means that he breaks the bank on souvenirs. Instead, he has a collection of sand, shown above. He recently acquired some super miniature gin bottles in Quebec City to hold them. The sand comes from such exotic locales as Panama, Croatia, Texas, and the Sahara Desert. Yes, I just said Texas is exotic.

Continuing along, we turn to gastronomic concerns. The Daily Slif has a great post on La Tacqueria, an eatery in Downtown Vancouver that just might have the best and most authentic Mexican tacos in the city. I’ve never been there (though I’ve heard great things), but Dona Cata is pretty super too.

Gus Fosarolli dials up the super to superhero proportions, offering his review of Thor. I thought this Marvel movie was going to be great when I saw Thor’s hammer at the end of Iron Man 2, but the trailers left me questioning my excitement. Well, it looks like I could be swinging back the other way, because Gus says it’s truly “a fun summer action movie.”

Every site owner wants their site to look or work better, but not all of us have massive budgets. To this end, Derek Semmler is outlining 8 ways to improve your website without having to fork out too much money. The post focuses mostly on what you can get out of a graphic designer, including header graphics, thumbnails, cover art, and newsletter designs.

And finally, Sharon Hurley Hall has some advice for all the prospective writers in the audience. These tips apply to just about anyone who engages in e-mail conversations in a professional context, but particularly those who are seeking work on a freelance basis. Get rid of that casual SMS speak and keep your messages appropriate to the circumstances. Be super in every way.