Urban Respite

This certainly isn’t the first time that I’ve gone on a photowalk and it most certainly won’t be the last. Yesterday was a rather brilliant day in Vancouver, so I decided to take a stroll around Trout Lake and John Hendry Park. Not surprisingly, seeing how it was a Sunday afternoon, I was far from the only person there.

Families were setting up picnics, children were playing on the beach, and dogs (many of which were off-leash) were smelling each other next to the water. Moments like these are part of why I love living in Vancouver. There’s something really breathtaking about being surrounded by water, mountains, and happy faces.

Anyhow, here are some of the photos I took with my Olympus PEN E-PL1 micro four-thirds digital camera. Click on any of the individual pictures to go to their corresponding Flickr page, where you can view higher resolution versions.

Lovers' Isolation

Dog Park

Playing with Perspective

Softer Focus Cherry Blossoms

A Dog at the Park

Not all of the pictures were at Trout Lake and John Hendry Park. As I was strolling my way through the residential neighborhoods, I saw plenty of urban flora, as well as a cool perspective of our city’s Skytrain line.

Tulips in Bloom

Skytrain Perspective

Also, Canadians are heading to the polls today to choose a new federal government. Interestingly, these three side-by-side neighbors have entirely different political views.

A Neighborhood Divided