What's Up Wednesdays: Time Is Money

Are you suffering from not enough hours in the day syndrome? Do you have your mind on your money and money on your mind? If so, today’s speedlink is going to be right up your alley. Enjoy!

Susan Johnston starts us off with a series of time management tips for writers. She reminds us of the importance of using templates, taming your e-mail, and taking well-deserved breaks. Are you using your time wisely?

Hugh MacLeod offers some advice on how to avoid becoming a social media burnout. Between Facebook and Twitter alone, you may feel like you have to always keep your finger on the pulse of society and that you have to put on your own performance too. Sometimes, you just have to find “your thing.”

Tyler Cruz is fed up with “losing money” on foreign exchange, so he has finally decided to open a USD bank account. I think he should have taken it one step further and opened a bank account in the United States to ease the PayPal withdrawal process.

Josh Rimer answers a very important question for all the video producers out there: who owns your YouTube videos? More often than not, it’s you, but there are exceptions and you are automatically granting YouTube (Google) certain permissions when you upload your video onto their servers.

Courtney Carver finishes off this week’s session with an unconventional conclusion: maybe Angry Birds isn’t a waste of time. After all, “if you really enjoy doing something, is it worth the time you spend?” That sounds fair, but you’ve still got responsibilities!