Autumn in the Park

Every Wednesday, I share five blog posts that I have discovered on the Internet in the preceding week. Most of the time, these speedlinks are quite eclectic in nature and today’s session is no exception. Enjoy!

Darren Barefoot, after carefully considering all the controversy over usage-based billing, took a moment to consider how much bandwidth he actually uses. With his Shaw Extreme plan, he is alloted up to 100GB and he only broke this “monthly transfer limit” once in last seven months. There are many “smaller” plans that allow for much less bandwidth, though.

Jeremy Lim continues his “Espresso Shots” series by highlighting Brittany Markle. She is a Vancouver-based graphic designer with Design Spectacle, having worked with start-ups and Cactus Club alike. You could say she’s a visual storyteller.

Rebecca Bollwitt is currently over in Africa, but she is best known for her hyper-local coverage of Vancouver, its history, and its issues. And so, she brings up the topic of saving Beaver Lake in Stanley Park. The lake could dry up within the next couple of decades! Lost Lagoon is at risk too.

Darrell Etherington reminds us of the importance of staying agile with cross-platform software solutions. When you invest too heavily into just one ecosystem — Apple, BlackBerry, etc. — you have a much harder time moving to another platform should the need arise. I’m platform-agnostic, but Google owns my life.

Buzz Bishop doesn’t think that February 14th is Valentine’s Day. No, he’s much more inclined to celebrate Alex Bilodeau Day instead. After all, it marks the anniversary of the day when Bilodeau brought the first gold medal home for Canadians during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver. And Alex is a genuinely nice guy too.