Colorful Bunny by

Every Wednesday, I collect a number of blog posts from around the Internet that I feel are worth sharing. Some of these are sent to me by their respective authors and others are culled from my RSS subscriptions. Here are the selections for this week.

Betshopboy takes on us on a journey to Sentosa for their annual flower show. This year’s theme is Spring Wonderland and it brings in several elements related to Chinese New Year too… like with the “colorful bunny” displayed at the top of this post.

Raul Pacheco takes us on a different kind of journey. Even though I’ve lived in Vancouver my whole life, I’ve never really visited the Renfrew Ravine and Renfrew Park. I’ve driven past it, but didn’t think there was much to see. As it turns out, thanks to Raul’s pictures, the ravine is worth checking out after all!

John Chow is probably best known for being my co-author (tongue planted firmly in cheek), but he’s also made a name for himself as a professional blogger too. In a recent post, he outlines the exact step-by-step process for installing WordPress and getting started with blogging.

Tyler Cruz might already be a month behind, but he is finally getting around to outlining his work goals for 2011. His goals are certainly more numerous than mine, but his track record for annual work goal success isn’t exactly impeccable either.

Amber Singleton Riviere recognizes some of the unique challenges that working on the Internet can present, especially when you have collaborators all around the world. As such, she lets us know about three common mistakes when working across time-zones. Just because it’s lunchtime where you are doesn’t mean it’s lunchtime somewhere else.