Build Your Own PC Race for Charity, by Stephen Fung

The struggle with the Internet is not about finding something to read; it’s that there is so much and you can overwhelmed by the variety. That’s why it helps when someone points you in the right direction. That’s why I do these weekly speedlinks. Enjoy!

Stephen Fung has finally resurrected his personal blog after leaving it dormant for nearly one year. In addition to his life’s updates, he also explains how he won the 2011 Build Your Own PC Race for charity (and in record time, no less). His strategy — stuffing his face with food and showing up almost late — might not work for everyone. Don’t forget to enter my CES swag giveaway too!

D3SO might be known best as “that guy with the Kanye glasses avatar,” but he’s got some useful tips for Internet marketers and online mavens too. For instance, you might want to know about the three things to consider before blogging. Are you in it for the money?

Tony Kwan, who you might recognize from the most recent Dot Com Pho episode, shares an ancient tale with a very important lesson. Do you know about the monkey and the gourd? Are you able to unclench your fist when you have the prize in your hands?

Dylan Duarte is something of a film buff. He might not be a Roger Ebert, but he certainly watches a lot of movies. So, when he outlines his top ten of 2010, the list holds a little bit of weight. I’ve only seen two of the ten movies listed, so I guess I have a lot of catching up to do.

Darren Barefoot is embarking on a bold challenge this year. Dubbed the One Year, One Canadian project, Darren aims to “only buy Canadian products, eat Canadian food and consume Canadian media.” Considering how much we consume comes from beyond our borders, this sounds awfully difficult. His first hurdle? Toilet paper.