False Creek

We tend to take things for granted when they’re in our own backyards. As I was born and raised in Vancouver, I’ve come to know this city quite well, but I know that there is always more to see and explore. It’s because I know that it (whatever “it” may be) will still be there tomorrow, so I don’t necessarily have to go see “it” today.

Yes, I have already outlined by international travel bucket list and that list will continue to evolve, but what about the attractions that are only a short drive away? I’ve put together a short bucket list of activities and attractions that I’d like to experience in and around the Vancouver area. To be fair, many of these aren’t in Vancouver, but they are within a few short hours’ drive from it.

1. Ziplining in Whistler

I’ve been to Whistler before on more than one occasion, but I have not yet partaken in the Ziptrek adventures that are offered there. I’ve never been ziplining in my life, but it looks like an absolute blast. You know that when and if I ever get around to hitting the zipline, I’ll have a camcorder with me to record the experience.

2. Storm-watching in Tofino

Vancouver Island is easily accessible by ferry, but really the only place that I’ve ever visited on the island is the British Columbia capital of Victoria. It really would be nice to take a few days to explore the rest of Vancouver Island, particularly scenic Tofino. I’m not a surfer — my poor sense of balance is well documented — but it’d be great to see those waves crashing onto the shore.

3. Dining at (Everywhere)

I like to eat and very few cities in the world are better for that than Vancouver. We have all kinds of cuisine and all kinds of menus to fit all kinds of budgets. Promotions like Dine Out Vancouver and Taste of Yaletown are good opportunities to try a few restaurants at a more affordable price. The list of restaurants I’d want to visit is ever-growing, but Vij’s and Horizons come to mind.

4. Seaplaning to Victoria

Or in a helicopter, for that matter. I’ve been on many planes, flying to places like Las Vegas and Tokyo, but I’ve never been on a smaller aircraft like a seaplane. I know that Harbour Air offers service between Vancouver and Victoria (among other destinations), and I think it would be great to get just a little peek at our beautiful province from such a lofty perspective.

5. Wining and Dining in the Okanagan

I’ve driven through the BC Interior, but I’d really like to participate in one of the famed wine tours in the area. I had a great time touring a winery in Mexico and I’d imagine that the experience in my own backyard would be just as enjoyable. Although I’m not much of a wine enthusiast, I do like to indulge in a glass of antioxidants from time to time. 🙂

What say you, fellow Vancouverites? What do you want to see or experience around our fair city that you haven’t already seen or experienced?