Sunday Snippet: Canucks' Brendan Morrison

“There is a little greater sense of urgency knowing you don’t have a contract in place and you are trying to earn a contract. I feel I do have good credentials coming in. But in this business, it’s what have you done for me lately?”

A couple of weeks ago, we kicked off the NFL season with a quick quote from Green Bay ‘s Aaron Rodgers and how he has been able to come into his own as the Packers quarterback. This week, we look forward to the upcoming NHL season with a quote from Vancouver Canucks player Brendan Morrison.

Those of you who have been following our hometown hockey team will remember Morrison from this days on the top line between Todd Bertuzzi and then-captain Marcus Naslund. He has since found his way onto several other teams around the league, but he was left without a contract at the end of last season. So, he was invited to the training camp with the Canucks this year and he’s fighting for a roster spot.

In the quote above, he reminds us of a very sobering thought. While it certainly helps if you have demonstrated a certain level of success in the past, it’s much more important to perform today. This is true of playing for the Vancouver Canucks, just as much as it is true of running a successful freelance writing business or maintaining a positive relationship with a significant other. You have to keep working.

Morrison could have tried negotiating a new contract with another NHL club, but he’s back in Vancouver for a reason. He feels that “this team has a really good chance to win” and that the Canucks “have the players to make a huge run.” He’s not alone in this sentiment, as The Hockey News has predicted that Vancouver will be hoisting the Stanley Cup in 2011. Those are some big shoes to fill… and an expensive night for those of us who want to catch it live.

Who am I fooling? I’m probably going to go at least a game or two this season. What about you?