We’ve reached another Wednesday and the kids are all back in school for September. That also means it’s time to take another tour of the blogosphere and see what the bloggers have had to say in the last week.

Adrianne Jeffries has a post up on ReadWriteWeb, telling us that the new Gmail Priority Inbox is difficult to game. Even so, it can provide a great opportunity for marketers to improve their tactics.

Minna Van from The Network Hub is always on the hunt for some good eating and she has now decided that Bon’s Off Broadway could be the best breakfast in Vancouver. At $2.99 for the full meal, it’s certainly a good value!

Darren Barefoot has a moral dilemma for all the consumers in the audience. What if you go in a store and try their goods with with no intention of buying? What if you fully intend on buying elsewhere, like online? Are you just wasting their time and effort?

Thursday Bram is over at MoneyNing, saying that we should all build a professional relationship with your banker. I tend to use mostly online services, but having a real person you can trust goes a long way for loans, mortgages, and other financial products.

Wil Wheaton has a cult following, thanks to his time on Star Trek: The Next Generation. So, his first day at PAX over the weekend was probably different from most of the other attendees, myself included.