Sunday Snippet: Bruce Lee on Limits

“There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.”

Bruce Lee is a cultural icon known the world over, not only for his martial arts prowess, but also for many of his life philosophies. One such mantra is the one quoted above, reminding us of the pitfalls of stagnation. Especially in today’s society with the amazing potential of the Internet, there really are no limits to what you can achieve in your life.

If it were not for the web, I likely would not be able to enjoy my current career as a freelance writer. It is because I recognized the utter lack of limits in this vocational realm that I was able to do something about it. Trying to start a more traditional writing career through more conventional means would have been considerably more difficult.

One thing that I have recognized over these last few years a full-time freelance writer is that it is all too easy to hit a plateau. I started with just one client in the beginning, but the potential from this one client could only get me so far. In order to get past this initial threshold, I had to “go beyond” and seek out additional work. The “limit” on my freelance income was effectively increased by doing so.

Similarly, we are all bound by the restrictions of time. So, in order to overcome this obstacle and reach to get beyond the current plateau, I have attempted to start shift from services to products. This, along with blogging and other endeavors, can open up the channels for passive income. Again, the “limit” can be breached and surpassed.

Looking ahead, I may expand my brand further with speaking engagements and trying to extend my areas of expertise in new and exciting directions. It is only by taking these risks that we can “go beyond” the plateaus.

In your own life, what are you doing to surpass your own plateaus? Remember, even the sky isn’t the limit. Shoot for the stars and, even if you come up short, you might make it to the moon.