First, let’s address the elephant in the room. You’re probably anxious to see who won my $200 solopreneur prize pack giveaway. As you may recall, the prize package includes Adwords credit, a domain registration, and some other goodies. I used a number generator to select the winner at random and…

Congratulations goes out to Jon Strocel! You are the winner. Please use the contact form to send me your mailing address and I’ll ship it out right away. Thanks again to everyone who entered.

Next, it’s time to acknowledge some of the people who make the Beyond the Rhetoric community what it is. These are the top thinkers who left the most comments over the course of August 2010. Without their active participation in the discussions, this blog might feel like I’m screaming into a vacuum (and that can’t be good). The top five commentators are linked below, as well as blog posts from their respective sites.

Ray Ebersole has been very busy with the beginning of the school year and understandably hasn’t had the time to update his blog lately. That doesn’t mean that you can’t keep up with what’s doing. That’s why you should follow him on Twitter and, well, read his comments on Beyond the Rhetoric too. 🙂

D3so is very interested in the world of Internet marketing, so you’ll learn that his blog has a lot to do with that realm. Recently, he discusses how you can create a squeeze page in just minutes. The guys at Unique Blog Designs have a lot to do with this ease of use, but it’s up to you to capitalize on it.

Betshopboy is a pretty big fan of soccer (which everyone else in the world calls football), so it’s not at all surprising that he wants to meet Wayne Rooney. He’s been invited to participate in the Tiger Beer regional online influencer challenge and part of the prize is traveling to England to meet the Manchester United striker.

Ekaterina has a blog for the women of Vancouver, addressing many of the issues that may surround their lives. For instance, she recently discussed how it is very possible to care too much and how you can go about overcoming this “self-insecurity.”

AOA, who I think is named Chang Guohua based on the domain name, looks like a professional translator. The website is completely in Chinese and I am nowhere near fluent in the written language. I can’t read the title or the content, but the URL leads me to believe that the most recent post is about English verbs and conjunctions. Am I right?