Every Wednesday, I share a number of blog posts that I have discovered in the preceding week. Sometimes, this “speedlink” sticks to a theme of some kind and other times, like today, the mix is pretty eclectic in nature. Hopefully, there’s a little something for everyone here.

Scott Young has just reached another milestone in his life. It may not be quite as eventful as the year before, but Scott just turned 22 years old. Let’s all wish the young whipper-snapper a happy belated birthday and check out what he’s been doing in the last 12 months.

Shelly Kneupper Tucker probably wouldn’t call herself a super-stickler or a prude, but her recent experience at a pizza parlor inspired a recent blog post on table manners. The young boy in the next table was eating with “his mouth wide open … pizza dribbling out of his mouth and down his chin!” And the mother? Yeah, “that heifer” was doing the same.

Dawn Foster has some good advice for those of us who spend the majority of our time on the Internet, working from home. Read her stress reduction tips and breathe a sigh of relief. Remember to socialize with real people in the real world, indulge in some non-work related hobbies, and get out of the house whenever you can.

Jennifer Mattern might want to apply for a job to work with Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, because she has embarked on a myth-busting mission. She reminds us that web content writers can earn as much as business writers. Don’t sell yourself short.

John Biehler finishes this speedlink on a very fun note. You see, a new version of MAME is now available for iPhone and iPad. In case you’re not as familiar, MAME is an emulator for all kinds of classic arcade games, ranging from Arkanoid to Mortal Kombat, Pac-Man to Golden Axe. Retro gaming on the go? Yes please!

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