Those of you who have been following this blog for a while will probably recognize some of the top thinkers from last month. At the same time, there are a couple of newer faces (so to speak) here as well, and that’s a welcome change for sure. Keep an eye on the sidebar widget to see where you rank for this month; you just might get a mention for the next speedlink!

Ray Ebersole has been quite busy lately, so he hasn’t been quite as active on Twitter as he usually is. The same can be said on his blog, but you might remember his post on Google and Pac-Man. No, it’s not a virus.

SEOninja is known in the real world as Jason McMurray and he’s very much interested in making money online. His blog is relatively new, but you can check out his very useful list of Internet marketing acronyms. Do you know about CPA, CTR, and CR?

Betshopboy, otherwise known as Chee Wee Ng, must be busy running marathons and enjoying the summer. His last blog post is from the end of May, describing his family vacation. He’s on a boat.

D3so describes himself as a celebrity in the making and he’s been very active commenting on many of the popular Internet marketing blogs on the web. On his own site, he shares a video on how to protect your online properties, courtesy of Shoemoney.

Book Buy Back doesn’t really have a blog, per se. Instead, it’s an online storefront for getting used college textbooks. This could be just in time for the back to school season. Check out the FAQ for more information.