Michael Kwan (i.e., Me)

With each progressive step in my freelance writing and professional blogging career comes another milestone. Although I am certainly no actor or fashion model, I thought it would be useful to get some professional portraits that could then be used for biography pages and other places where my picture is needed. For that, I turned to Kenward Ng, who also happens to be my cousin.

We had a brief photoshoot after I finished up with Dot Com Pho last Saturday. Seeing as I have zero modeling experience, Kenny had to be quite patient with me. We went through a few different shooting situations, tried a few different poses and ideas, and this is what we managed to produce. I particularly like the photo above with the three laptops, as it helps with the whole “power user of technology” image.

That photo is currently be used for the About Page on Beyond the Rhetoric. I have another photo that is being used for the main page on my freelance writing site. They’re definitely better than the pictures I was using previously, thanks in part to the better camera but thanks even more to Mr. Ng’s artistic vision. 🙂

I’m already a freelance writer, pro blogger, published author and featured speaker, but I don’t think I can quite add “professional model” to that list just yet. Check out some of the other photos from the shoot below. They’re all clickable thumbnails (as is the image at the top of this post), leading you to the appropriate Flickr page.

If you need some photos done, I recommend you contact Kenneth Ng to set up a session.

Michael Kwan (i.e., Me)   Michael Kwan (i.e., Me)   Michael Kwan (i.e., Me)   Michael Kwan (i.e., Me)   Michael Kwan (i.e., Me)   Michael Kwan (i.e., Me)