Every Wednesday, I gather up a number of blog posts from around the Internet that I feel are worth sharing with the Beyond the Rhetoric community. Most of these are sourced from my own Google Reader habits, but I also ask for submissions via Twitter too. If you want to be included in a future speedlink, it’s worth following me on Twitter.

While many of the blog post roundups I’ve done in recent weeks have been of a more eclectic nature, I decided to go with a theme for the last What’s Up Wednesdays of June. This time around, I turn to Vancouver area bloggers writing about Vancouver area things. This is my hometown, after all.

Ed Lau recently discovered one of my favorite neighborhood eateries: Hawker’s Delight. This Malaysian and Singaporean restaurant is located right across the street from Happy Pho and it offers all sorts of great food at very reasonable prices. If you have the chance, try their nasi goreng (spicy fried rice). I like it better than the mee goreng (spicy fried noodles). Just don’t expect any bells, whistles, or customer service.

Joshua Learn invites us to consider ten things to do with minimum wage in Vancouver. There’s not much you can do with just eight bucks, but if he’s implying that raising the minimum wage will solve all these problems, he needs to take Economics 101. Believe it or not, people are supposed to live on minimum wage.

Darren Barefoot lets us know that you can now enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi when riding on BC Ferries. That’ll make the trip to Victoria a little more pleasant, but many of us have data plans on our smartphones anyway. Alternatively, you can spend $30 on a manicure or $40 on a pedicure on the ferry.

Raul Pacheco is one happy (albeit very busy) boy. That’s because his mom is visiting him in Vancouver. She’ll be here for a full month, but she’s also heading over to Calgary to visit Raul’s brother too. The two academics are doing “a bit of a writing retreat” together too. Make sure you bring her to Canada Day festivities tomorrow, Raul!

Rebecca Bollwitt has the full list of free concerts that will be taking place during PNE 2010. Among the acts on the list are Cyndi Lauper, Loverboy, Wayne Newton, Trooper, and Terri Clark. Yes, these are free concerts. Every year is supposed to be the “last” year for PNE. I wonder if that’ll really be true this time around.

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