As you may have noticed by now, I do a quick roundup of some great blog posts every Wednesday. Many of these I find myself, but I’m always open to suggestions via Twitter too. Just send me the link the day before and I’ll bookmark it for this speedlink session.

Today’s five posts are quite eclectic in nature, so hopefully there’s a little something for everyone. Here’s to some good reading.

Tyler Cruz is working on a new project and it’s somewhat related to my current E3 adventures. You see, he’s developing a Robot Warz game and he has no fewer than 10 new screenshots for you to gawk at. Check out some of the cool customizations. Are you ready to enter the arena?

Sam Chan has been on several interviews, but he’s also forming his opinion on many of these companies and positions too. Through these journeys, he has learned that there is no such thing as the perfect job. I enjoy my life as a freelancer, but it’s certainly not without its shortcomings.

Jeff Cutler is attending a different kind of conference. It’s not Freelance Camp or E3. Instead, it’s Enterprise 2.0 in Boston. He went to the session on cloud computing and it wasn’t exactly well attended. We’ll let you figure out what that could mean. It was an introduction to cloud computing session, after all.

Trent Hamm from The Simple Dollar offers quite the interesting conundrum to consider. What does an extended lifespan mean for retirement savings. People are living longer, in general, so will you have enough of a nest egg to live out the rest of your days?

Derek Semmler has a reason to celebrate. Unlike my poor Canucks, his Chicago Blackhawks are the 2010 Stanley Cup champions. This is the first time the Hawks have hoisted the Cup since 1961. That’s a 49 year drought. Now, we just have to crack that drought for the ‘nucks too.