Every Wednesday, I gather up some interesting blog posts from around the Internet to share with the Beyond the Rhetoric community and today is no different. For this speedlink session, we focus on different areas related to the fascinating world of business.

Chris Bibey is quite the successful freelance writer and he knows where to spot a valuable opportunity. That’s why he reminds us that we shouldn’t forget about magazine features. Chris says that he has been able to earn as much as 50 cents per word writing magazine articles.

Jennifer Mattern understands why some companies choose to outsource their work overseas in an effort to reduce operating costs, but there is a fine line between outsourcing and exploitation. Are you taking advantage of a good situation or are you using slave labor to get the job done?

Bob Buskirk may not be the richest guy on the block, but he has been lucky enough to turn his hobby into a business. The road certainly hasn’t been easy, but he has certainly put in the hours to translate what was once a hobby of a site into a very viable business.

Richard Eriksson came across a fantastic quote from Zadie Smith. I don’t completely agree with the practice, but I can certainly appreciate the sentiment. In short, a businessperson goes on a trip and throws away all the receipts. He doesn’t want to be “the type of man who remembers a beautiful day by the expenses he ran up on it.”

Ed Lau went exploring in his hometown of Richmond, seeking out the Japanese food trucks. These are certainly a different kind of business, because they’re anything but traditional restaurants. Ironically, they’re about as authentic as it gets.