As I do every Wednesday, it’s time for another speedlink session around the blogosphere. There are lots of great bloggers out there with plenty of interesting things to read, so here is just a brief glimpse into what’s out there. If you want to be featured in a future What’s Up Wednesdays, I suggest you follow me on Twitter and send a message on Tuesday evenings.

Rebecca Bollwitt, who many of you may know better as Miss 604, clarifies an issue surrounding the Stanley Cup. I always thought that you weren’t supposed to touch or hoist the Cup unless you earned the right to do so (by winning), but it seems that this is largely reserved for players and not the general public. Will Luongo hoist the Cup this year? Go Canucks!

Darren Barefoot lets us know about an upcoming Carrotmob in Vancouver. Salt Spring Coffee Company on Main Street will be participating on May 16. Every dollar + 10% that the coffee shop makes that day will be put toward improving the energy efficiency of that location. Remember to bring a travel mug!

Dough Roller continues with the green initiative by describing nine alternative transportation choices that you can consider. Since I’m somewhat Internet famous for my spills on two-wheeled vehicles, it’s probably best that I stick to walking. Scooters are not for me.

Trent Hamm wonders whether a motion-activated light switch actually saves money in the long run. In breaking down the savings and the cost of buying a motion detector, this mechanism does save a little bit of cash in the long run. A motion-activated light is best used in low and medium traffic rooms.

Raul Pacheco and I have something in common. When we go to the grocery store, we can’t help but love the granny shopping cart that has started to appear in more and more stores. It’s a brilliant concept for narrow aisles, giving the convenience of a full-size shopping cart in a shopping basket scale. Genius!