How is your week going so far? To help you get over those midweek blahs and overcome the increasingly challenging hump, I’ve once again scoured the Internet in search of some great blog posts to share with you. As before, the collection is definitely on the more eclectic end of the spectrum, so hopefully there’s a little something for everyone. Enjoy!

Life Captured in Pictures

Do you remember Nabil Khan from Enkay Blog? Well, he’s broadening his horizons with the launch of a new website. What I Seen Today may not be grammatically correct, but neither is I Can Haz Cheeseburger. On his new image-based blog, you’ll find real life pictures that can make you laugh or get you to think. You can submit your own pictures too… like this strange GE product at the hardware store.

I Like You, But I’m Not a Fan

Some people said that Twitter could spell the doom of Facebook. Apparently not, since the latter is still very much alive and kicking. According to Inside Facebook, the social networking site will soon be undergoing another change. Rather than becoming a fan of a Facebook page, like the one set up for Beyond the Rhetoric, you’ll simply indicate that you like it instead, just like how you can “like” a status update.

Hitting the Books for Fun and Profit

It’s a debate that has become increasingly relevant in the age of self-made Internet entrepreneurs. RT Cunningham takes a similar stance as me, saying that a college degree is still important. The actual learning may not seem relevant to the real working world, but it is and the skills you gain will be invaluable for years to come.

I’ll Take 12 Years for $78 Million, Thanks

The economy and culture of professional sports are inherently different than just about every other kind of business. Even so, Darren Barefoot offers a very interesting thought experiment: what if we traded employees like how they trade hockey players. What if there was a no trade clause and players/employees could openly express their discontent with their current teams/employers, demanding a trade to sunnier climes?

Outsource Under Your Own Roof

One of the advantages to opening up your freelance shop is that you are able to “write off” more expenses for tax purposes. This includes hiring staff and contractors. Lexi Rodrigo reminds us of seven benefits of hiring your own children for odd jobs related to your business. You get a tax writeoff, they get valuable experience, and the money stays within the family.