Welcome to another hump day. To help you get past the mid-week blahs and over this mid-week hump, I’ve collected an eclectic collection of blog posts from around the Internet. Whether you’re interested in the Apple iPad or finding success with a home-based business, there’s something here for you. Enjoy!

Dragon Blogger has been quite successful with his social media ventures, but this can open up a big can of worms. For instance, it can difficult to cull through over 4000 Twitter accounts to find those who don’t follow you back. To streamline that process, Dragon Blogger recommends you use JustUnfollow. It’s a simple service that works, but it is limited to 50 unfollows per day.

Jeremy Toeman might be a bit of hypocrite. While he goes at length to explain why tablets suck, he did decide to place a preorder on an Apple iPad. Why on Earth would he do that if he dislikes tablets so much? By his own admission, he could be drinking too much of the Kool-Aid. Then again, the iPad is really more like a big iPod touch than a true tablet.

RT Cunningham reminds us that getting something cheaper does not necessarily mean that you’re getting the best deal. He tells us that Philippine Airlines is better than Hawaiian Airlines. Ironically, I chose Philippine Airlines for my Las Vegas trip because they were the cheapest. Even so, I was more than pleased with the service I received.

Sharon Hurley Hall is a firmly established freelancer and she does quite well for herself. Even so, we all have to start somewhere. If you’ve considered going into business for yourself, Sharon explains how you can earn your first dollar as a freelance writer. I got my first dollar finding a writing gig through Craigslist. How about you?

Tim Wasson keeps us on the subject of freelancing, asking a very important question. Should you have a public price list for your services? Myself, I choose not to have a standard price listed on my freelance writing site, because each project is a little different and needs to be priced accordingly. It’s not like I’m selling the exact same iPod to everyone.