Should You Go Dedicated?

Just as there are several advantages to working for yourself, there are just as many different choices you’ll need to make and responsibilities you’ll need to handle. For the Internet entrepreneur looking to make money online, selecting the right hosting solution for your websites can be of monumental importance.

When you have a smaller website like Beyond the Rhetoric, an inexpensive shared hosting option can be perfectly suitable, but what if your traffic starts to increase exponentially? This sounds like a good problem to have, but it is a problem nonetheless. In this review, we’ll take a look at the dedicated hosting that you can get through That should be able to handle larger volumes, right?

Why Get Dedicated Web Hosting?

Whether you’re looking to make some passive income as a freelance writer and you’re using the web space for some other objective, a dedicated server is much more powerful than the usual shared hosting that you get with cheaper plans.

With shared hosting, your websites are stored on the same server rack as several other customers. Depending on your chosen web host, this could result in a lot of heavy congestion, especially if your server neighbors are utilizing the majority of the resources. If you pay the premium for dedicated servers, however, the resources related to that server are entirely yours. This gives you faster speeds and the ability to handle higher levels of traffic.

How Much Does It Cost?

You can usually find shared hosting (or even cloud-based shared hosting) for under $10 a month without too much trouble. Dedicated servers, on the other hand, can be much more expensive than that depending on your specific needs. Visiting the sites of most web hosts, you can browse through their available packages. Not so with, unfortunately.

Should You Go Dedicated?

When I went looking for more information, I could see some sample configurations which are indicative of what you can expect with dedicated servers through, but there was nary any mention of a specific price.

Instead, you would have to ask for a quote to find out the cost. This can be an immediate deterrent to casual passers-by and a price list really is something that should include on the site.

Help Where It Belongs

We should all count our blessings that we have the options that we do and that’s why it’s so important to give wherever we can. Thankfully, the folks at feel the same way.

Should You Go Dedicated?

The web host is contributing to the Haiti relief effort as part of a larger movement in the “normally fiercely competitive” hosting community. All proceeds are going to the American Red Cross and the funds will be used to mobilize relief workers, send supplies, and provide financial resources for recovery.

If nothing else, this helps to demonstrate that is committed to more than simple profit. That’s a definite plus in my books.