In the last two weeks, we’ve taken a look at some of my Vegas buddies and some Olympic routines. For this go-around, we take on a slightly more imaginative eye to address the world of art in all of its wonderful forms. Enjoy!

John Biehler starts us off with the interesting image above. The photograph was taken during the 12×12 Raw Photo Marathon in Vancouver. This is a competition, so there will be winners and… other participants. I don’t know much about art, but I do know what I like!

Enkay Blog goes into a different area of design, discussing the bone he has to pick with the engineering team at Toyota. Why does the Scion xB only have a single backup light on the left side of the rear bumper? All other cars have dual reverse lights; this single light could represent a safety hazard.

Darren Barefoot was watching the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday evening (as was I) and he had the same question as so many other people: Who’s in the Hollywood Foreign Press Association? Unlike the Academy for the Oscars, the HFPA only has a total of 95 members. This is quite the select and exclusive group of individuals.

Julie Roads gives us a unique perspective on what it takes to work from home. Do you know what Entourage can teach you about successful freelancing? From the charismatic Ari Gold to the happy and enthusiastic Lloyd Lee, they all have lessons to offer. What about Turtle? What can we learn from him?

Tyler Ingram is constantly working to improve his photographic skills and this dedication is really starting to bear fruit. Does practice make perfect? Based on the wonderfully dynamic shots of local chickadees in mid-flight, I’d say he’s getting awfully close!