What's Up Wednesdays: Past, Present, and Future

You don’t need the DeLorean or “Doc” Brown to navigate further into today’s speedlink session, though both would probably come in handy under other circumstances. For this edition of What’s Up Wednesdays, we take a look at some blog posts that look to the past, acknowledge the present, or pave the way to the future. Do you know which way you’re going? Do you know where you came from?

Lori Deschene usually blogs about how we can shift our perceptions and “almost shape reality if we choose to see the good in situations and work with that.” However, she decided to take a different direction on a recent post, talking about the time that she was interviewed by Jay Leno. Sort of. Gain some new perspective by digging into Lori’s past.

Buzz Bishop has been a Vancouver mainstay for a number of years, entertaining us on the FM dial. After being “let go” by Virgin Radio earlier this year, he has been on the hunt for some new digs and now he’s found it; Buzz is moving to Calgary to host the 90.3 AMP Radio morning show. He plans to continue with his DadCamp endeavors, but the radio gig will probably do a better job at paying the bills. Good luck in Cowtown, Buzz!

Ray Ebersole isn’t moving to a new city, but he’s in a similar boat as Buzz because he is starting a new job. Instead of working on the IT needs of a single school, Ray will be responsible for a variety of technological needs for a number of different schools in the district. This “lateral promotion” will surely bring new and interesting challenges. Variety is the spice of life.

Neil Patel may look like a young guy, but he’s a veteran in the art of making money online. You may not want to take the exact same path, but you might want to read how he got started with blogging. Neil describes some problems he encountered as a newbie, as well as some major lessons that he learned along the way. He even managed to prove Jason Calacanis wrong at one point.

Darren Barefoot is already a well-established authority on the Internet, but there is no better way to get mainstream credibility than to be a published author. As such, Darren wrote his social media marketing book. The physical copies have arrived and he’s ready for the official Friends with Benefits launch party. I’ve lined up a copy, so expect a review on BTR at some point.