How Do You Manage?

From time management to money management, from managing a classroom to managing a business, we have a lot to manage over the course of each and every day. There’s a lot on our minds and there are many strategies that we can consider to best handle all of these responsibilities. That is the theme of today’s speedlink session.

I’ve taken a quick tour of the blogosphere to see what bloggers have to teach us about the various forms of management and here are a few of the results. If you want to be featured in a future edition of What’s Up Wednesdays, I suggest you follow me on Twitter and send a brief note on Tuesday evenings.

Ray Ebersole is preparing for a new year at school and he has learned very quickly that budget cuts mean layoffs. It’s not that the education of our children is not immune to the recession. That’s part of it (resulting in lowered enrollment), but it’s more about how the higher-ups have mismanaged the funds that they have been allocated.

Damien Riley keeps us in the realm of education by discussing classroom management. Whether you’re teaching a grade one class or you’re instructing a 100-level course in college, it’s important that your students understand the rules and expectations of your classroom. How do you deal with discipline? How do you check for understanding?

Thursday Bram is a freelance writer, just like me, so she understands the various aspects to running a freelancing business. We do a lot of writing, but we also need to take care of administrative tasks too. As such, Thursday provides us with the 10 best bookkeeping tools. What do you use to manage your books? How do you handle invoices and billing?

The Simple Dollar brings us back to a more personal level, looking at how you can save a substantial amount of money by eating what you have on hand. As human beings, we typically take the path of least resistance, so we’ll just eat what we have around. The key, then, is to stock our pantries with healthy and affordable foods, rather than overpriced snacks that wreak havoc on our waistlines.

Raul Pacheco finishes off this batch of blog posts by taking us into the realm of social media. Just as there is etiquette while sitting at the dinner table, there is also “netiquette” with how you compose yourself online. More specifically, Raul dives into the etiquette of retweets. When someone takes the time to retweet one of your Twitter messages, what is the appropriate thing for you to do in return?