Proximidade Blogger Awards

I haven’t participated in a blogger meme for quite some time, but this one says that I won an award. I don’t really get to walk up to a stage to make an acceptance speech nor do I get to home with a shiny new trophy, but it’s still a nice gesture.

When I learned from Damien Riley that I was a winner of a Proximidade Blogger Award, I thought it would be apt to keep a good thing going and push it along to a few more recipients.

Damien tells me that “Proximidade” means nearness or proximity in Portuguese. Recipients of the award invest in proximity, even if the relationships are only online. These bloggers are said to be “exceedingly charming, blogging friends who aim to find and be friends.” To continue this movement, I’m supposed to include this text in the body of today’s post:

“I am grateful for an opportunity to award this to a few bloggers who are very special people. I include the following bloggers who may have received this award in the past but Iโ€™m sure wonโ€™t mind receiving it again.”

While there are usually five bloggers featured each week on What’s Up Wednesdays, it seems that the Proximidade Blogger Awards call for eight recipients. These are good people whose blogs I always check before hitting the “Mark All as Read” button in Google Reader.

I encourage these eight individuals to continue perpetuating the Proximidade Blogger Awards, recommending eight more bloggers to their readers. The blogosphere is one big happy community and it pays to share the love.