Yesterday, I took you on a quick tour of E3 Expo 2009 and some of the things going on at the video game trade show. The stuff of Halo, Mario, and Raving Rabbids is for during the day, so you know that the Dot Com Crew just had to go out and have a little fun after the sun goes down.

We’re staying the Wilshire Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles, which happens to be in the same vicinity as Korea Town. In fact, we’re quite surrounded by a fair bit of Korean culture around this part of town. It certainly wasn’t my first time eating Korean food, but it was a fairly unique experience for Jason Landals and Eric Garay.

Accompanying us on our first Korean dinner (we had two) were Ms. Danielle and Mr. Gary Lee. They took us to a great Korean barbecue place, but the footage didn’t really turn out on Stephen’s Flip Video. For our second dinner, we went to BCD Tofu House. I thought that it was going to be only tofu, but the menu is actually quite comprehensive. I had the Pork Bulgogi set meal, which came with a bunch of other stuff, including a bowl of tofu in a spicy broth. Very tasty.

Danielle and Gary also took us to a Korean bar for some drinks afterward. The giant vat of beer we ordered was positively epic.