The Commentary - On the Line

Earlier this week, I was interviewed by Joseph Planta of He is the host of the Planta: On the Line program, an online interview segment where he chats with book authors, political pundits, Hollywood actors, and other people of interest. As an opinionated blogger unafraid to voice my views, I suppose I’m also a person worth interviewing.

This wasn’t my first time being interviewed for the On The Line program. You might remember the segment I did back in February. Maybe you even remember the interview from April 2006.

Joseph and I have been good friends since our high school days. I contributed several articles to The Commentary over the years, in fact, covering a range of local events like the Slam City Jam skateboard championship and the Sport Compact Nights import car show. In fact, he’s a big part of how I got started with blogging and freelance writing in the first place.

When Joseph Planta requests an interview with you for On the Line, you can’t help but to say yes. His questions are poignant and they’re great fodder for discussion. This time around, we took a look at the rising popularity of Twitter, the public’s disenchantment with politics, the Susan Boyle phenomenon, and more. It’s definitely worth a listen if you want to hear more from the man behind this keyboard.

The On the Line interview segment is available as streaming audio online, as well as in the form of an MP3 download for offline listening. Enjoy!