The Fisheye Perspective

I’ve stated many times before on this blog that life is what you make of it and that it’s all about perspective. It’s up to you decide whether the glass is half-full, half-empty, or full of potential.

Taking this idea of fresh viewpoints and new ways to look at old things, I decided to dedicate today’s edition of What’s Up Wednesdays to the very concept of perspective. What did the blogosphere have to offer? Let’s see.

Darren Barefoot has noticed that an increasing number of people are using Twitter as a promotional tool. They also use Twitter to share random information on the Internet, so how can we differentiate between tweets of a personal and professional nature? Blogs can have disclosure policies, but those are too lengthy to fit in 140 characters. In this way, Darren proposes that we use a unicode disclosure character for Twitter. Personally, I think a universally-accepted hashtag may be more appropriate.

Ed Lau likes staying on the bleeding edge of technology and he also likes staying in school. It seems like he’s been pursuing his first degree at UBC (my alma mater) for eons. During all of these years, he has grown weary of taking notes and buying expensive textbooks, so Ed has become quite enamored with the idea of having an iPhone as required material. This really did happen in one school, allowing students to download lectures as if they were podcasts. As it turns out, the iPhone isn’t just about stupid fart apps; it can actually be useful.

Israel Lagares, who you may know better as Fat Man Unleashed, takes a moment to discuss what an ideal body weight really means. When he was 31, a doctor told him that given his height and age, Israel should have weighed between 124 and 138 pounds. At the time, the 5’4″ Israel weighed 285 pounds. He didn’t think that it was at all realistic for him to drop 150 pounds. Well, he’s been able to shed sixty of those pounds. That’s got to be worth something.

Joe Tech offers us a unique perspective on the world of floral arrangements. He went out with Michelle to the Desert Botanical Gardens for the Chihuly exhibit. At most botanical gardens, you can expect to see flowers in bloom. At this exhibit, however, there seemed to be more in terms of stylized glass structures and unique lighting arrangements.

Ariane Khachatourians, known in some circles simply as West End Girl, feels that life seems to be changing very quickly for the people around her. She sees her family members growing their respective families and friends moving on to new and exciting jobs, but the dynamics of her life don’t seem quite so expedient. Well, just try and catch her this summer as Ariane repairs the irreparable and moves forward one step at a time. Whatever works!