Are You Happy at Your Job?

In my post regarding the importance of recognition and acknowledgment, I mentioned that 70 percent of American workers are unhappy with their jobs. They can feel that they are not being valued or they may not be able to appreciate the contribution that they make to the company and to society. A lot of people complain about hating their jobs, but all they may need is a slight shift in perspective.

With this in mind, I was curious if the Twitter community felt the same way. Twitter users are typically more tech-savvy and into online networking than the general public, so could this greater level of connectedness lend itself to greater happiness? Could they feel more valued as individuals if they are receiving the constant support of the online community?

While it’s not entirely clear why, it does appear that the majority of the people who follow me on Twitter are reasonably happy with their lot in life. For some, it’s about the people. For others, it’s about the challenge. I posed this question on Twitter yesterday:

Do you like your job? Why or why not?

flagusco @michaelkwan I love my job. 2 days i work from home, 3 days in SF. I’m a web developer for Wells Fargo, what’s not to love?
ellajoe @michaelkwan I like my job because of the people I like in the office. =)
jeffrose @michaelkwan Job: Most days. Fun, interesting people, challenging problems and some degree of freedom!
salbrecht .@michaelkwan I LOVE what I do. I love that every day is different, that I get to help people and that I am challenged every day.
Kardboard @michaelkwan I like my job, it’s all about the people here. Enough freedom to stay happy, enough discipline to get things done.
OnlineStrategy @michaelkwan I’m one of those few people who actually like my job. It has variety; it deals with social media, SEO, PPC… I’m in heaven.
LesleyChang @michaelkwan Past jobs, I’ve always preferred the people over the work. Sometimes though, the work was rewarding.
salbrecht @michaelkwan @jeffrose I don’t think that everyone wants a challenge. Some people prefer comfort and familiar. Personally, it is critical.
VicTse @michaelkwan I like my job, but to a certain point, I wouldn’t say I love it, but its nice to have around
betshopboy @michaelkwan To say I like my job would be a lie after all the time I sit here pondering your question. Hmmm, time to jump ship….
shezcrafti @michaelkwan I love my job. There’s something to be said for small companies & co-workers I enjoy being around.
OnHerToes @michaelkwan Just started a new one. Yes. It’s a small company. I feel essential. And there’s real career-development potential.
JohnChow @michaelkwan I love my job! Oh wait, I don’t have a job! JOB = Just Over Broke.
liorahess @michaelkwan Which job? My standards for liking a job have dropped with the economy. It keeps a roof over my head, so I have to like it.
creativepride @michaelkwan I love my job. I’m a Payroll Specialist. I get to call my clients for their payroll. It’s fun and I like the math!