Hockey: Not Everyone is a Flames Fan

Sometimes, I take these What’s Up Wednesdays posts toward one specific topic. Other times, like today, I just gather an eclectic mix of blog posts that happened to catch my eye, sharing them with Beyond the Rhetoric readers. This weekly speedlink session is one of the ways that I try to give back to the community and I encourage you to do the same.

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Betshopboy starts us off with a visit to Farm Hopping Days in Singapore. No, it’s not an officially named holiday, but Betshopboy decided to take the family out to visit a few farms during his country’s Labour Day weekend. I enjoy my trips to the zoo, so I guess “The Animal Resort” is much of the same.

Enkay Blog has an interesting observation for you to consider. Is blogging a business or a hobby? When the first blogs hit the scene, they were little more than online diaries or journals. These days, professional blogs garner more attention and rake in more revenue than some of their mainstream counterparts. For me, blogging is both a business and a hobby.

Miss604 had the opportunity to meet up with BC Premier Gordon Campbell leading up to this month’s provincial election. Gordo was gracious enough to provide Rebecca with a Twitter-based interview, sharing his thoughts through his guest blog post. He tackles homelessness, attack ads, and social media.

Jeremy Lim is proud to unveil a brand new blog for all the foodies in the audience. The all new Yum! Vancouver is a blog dedicated to reviewing the best food and restaurants in the Greater Vancouver area. The blog kicks off with a review of Shota Sushi in Kerrisdale. The verdict? Pricey, but tasty.

AJ from Moov4 shares a story about a couple of kids playing hockey on a frozen pond. This hockey tale takes an unfortunate twist when one of the boys gets attacked by an enraged Rottweiler, but that’s not the only twist in the story. Let’s just say that not everyone is a Flames fan.

On a side but very related note… Go Canucks!