New - Business Card Style

If you were following me on Twitter over the weekend, you may have noticed the somewhat quiet launch of a new design. Up until now, that root domain would point toward my main freelance writing business and then this blog would be located at Beyond the Rhetoric is staying where it is, but my freelance business has been moved to So, what’s going on with the main domain?

Point your browser over to and you’ll find that it is now an online business card of sorts. Some people may call it a portal and others may refer to it as a landing page.

Whatever you want to call it, the new page serves as a “directory” of where you can find me online. The two highlighted links are to my freelance writing services and to Beyond the Rhetoric. Below that are links to some of my online profiles: Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube. There’s also a link to contact me, which currently points toward the BTR contact form.

The introduction of an online business card design for is yet another way that I can simultaneously separate myself from the pack and provide for an easier navigational experience. People who want to see what I’m doing can go to, choosing to check out my Flickr photostream, my blog posts, or my freelance services without having to bookmark all of these page separately. My current business card design fits in with the overall aesthetic of my online business card, giving a good sense of consistency for my brand.

I’d like to thank Matt Freedman for both the inspiration for the change and the actual design itself. He’s the same guy that created the current WordPress theme for Beyond the Rhetoric.

What do you guys think? Any positive feedback or constructive criticism?