La Machine Spider in Yokohama Japan

I could make some inane comment about Godzilla, poorly dubbed video, and thousands of city dwellers running madly through the streets in sheer terror. I could, but I’m not going to do that. Feel free to make a bad Godzilla joke on your own.

Last year, I caught a live demo of the Mondo Spider outside the Vancouver Art Gallery. The giant mechanical spider was quite the creation to behold, especially with all the scary squeaks and creaks that the robotic arachnid emits. I thought that spider was big. I was wrong. Not compared to this thing.

While I didn’t see anything when I was in Tokyo, it seems that Japan has been invaded by not one, but two giant mechanical spiders! The irony is that the spider isn’t homegrown. Instead, a performance art group called La Machine from France is in Yokohama to take part in Expo Y150, celebrating the 150th anniversary of the city port’s opening.

These monstrous spiders are no joke. They’re 40 feet (12 meters) tall, weigh 37 tons, and are fully mobile. Check out the demonstration video below courtesy of