Baby Gorilla at the Calgary Zoo

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post about shooting animals at the Calgary Zoo, today I have a video of what could be the cutest baby gorilla in the world.

The young one is the first second girl to be born to the alpha male of the group. Prior to her birth, the dominant male fathered one daughter and then six sons in succession. According to the guide, this allows the baby gorilla to get away with a lot more, breaking all sorts of rules and having no manners. She is daddy’s little girl, after all.

Watch the embedded video below to see the baby in action. Also as part of the video are some creatures that are (arguably) on the complete opposite end of the “cute” spectrum as the baby gorilla. I showed you a photograph of the giant fruit bats in yesterday’s post, but seeing them in action is another matter altogether. They were really quite amazing and very eerie at the same time.