You may be familiar with the “Will It Blend?” series of videos featured on YouTube. In those, Tom Dickson of Blendtec tosses some rather random things into the world’s most powerful blender, reducing everything from an iPhone to a hockey puck into an incomprehensible pile of dust. During my trip to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show, I had the opportunity to meet and greet with Tom Dickson in person, complete with a live demonstration of the incredible world famous blender.

It’s one thing to watch the dozens of videos that Tom Dickson and the Blendtec team have already posted on YouTube, but it’s another thing altogether when you get to watch it in person. That blender is absolutely insane and Tom is a very friendly guy, more than happy to pose for pictures or provide autographs. From what I hear, Stephen might be getting a free “review” unit for Kelly as part of her 2012 Olympic training. If the Blendtec blender can chew up a mobile phone, I’m sure Kelly’s crazy shakes with bone marrow and exotic vegetables will be a piece of cake. Will it blend? I think so.

Naturally, I couldn’t help but to take the blender out for a test run myself, completely obliterating another rake handle. It’s loud, it’s powerful, and it’s really quite incredible. Maybe I should have put on the goggles and gloves too. On a side note, you can also see my video of an animatronic Albert Einstein too. Be prepared. The theory of relativity has never been scarier.