Geeks and Gadgets

Since I am in Las Vegas for CES (the Consumer Electronics Show), I thought it would only be appropriate to dedicate this week’s edition of What’s Up Wednesdays to the world of geeks and their gadgets. From the BlackBerry to the iPhone, the Eee PC to the Flip Mino HD, a lot of us have a growing passion for all of these cool toys. I know I can’t be alone, right?

Ms. Danielle starts us off with the top 5 reasons why geeks are sexy. As hard as it may be to believe, not all geeks look like our suspender-wearing friend above. When a sexy blogger like Danielle proclaims that geeks can be sexy too, you know it has to be true… even if these geeks don’t know it.

Derrich simply cannot be bothered to deal with physical DVDs anymore. It’s just not convenient. It’s all about Video on Demand (VOD) for this movie geek, but which VOD service is the best? Derrich pits Netflix against Blockbuster in a battle for digital movie distribution supremacy. Who do you think comes out on top?

Stephen Fung thinks back to last year’s Consumer Electronics Show when the Gizmodo kids caused all sorts of ruckus by turning off TVs during presentations. They didn’t issue an apology and got banned from the show. Well, the Gizmodo kids are back and Stephen feels it’s a fitting time for some sweet revenge. And a Rock Band 2 competition could provide for the perfect opportunity. (Brian Lam says, “Bring it.”)

John Biehler ordered a Christmas present for himself and now it has arrived. Check out his extensive Nikon GP-1 GPS review. In a nutshell, this latches onto your Nikon DSLR camera, automatically geo-tagging your photographs so that you know exactly where you took them. This way, there’s no confusing the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas with some random shot from the Mayan Riviera.

Rainer Schmoll recently bought the BlackBerry Storm and he couldn’t be happier. With this most recent acquisition, he has suddenly become aware of the issue of making your blog ready for smartphones. Whether it be a BlackBerry, an iPhone, or HTC Touch Pro, the screen is a lot smaller than a regular computer. Have you prepared your blog for mobile viewing? Why or why not?