It’s been quite an interesting week in the NFL, not only because I’ve managed to reasonably maintain last week’s success, but also because of how some of these games turned out. As we get closer to the playoffs, the NFL obsession will only grow.

The Philadelphia Eagles and the Cincinnati Bengals had their game end in a tie. The last time that a game ended in a tie was back in 2002! While Houshmandzadeh was not able to lead his team to a victory over Philadelphia, I think a lot of people are losing respect for Donovan McNabb and Andy Reid. The Eagles couldn’t beat the flailing Bengals in regulation and they still couldn’t beat them with an extra 15 minutes of football. Do you think McNabb is overrated?

Yes, I was crazy for thinking that the Baltimore Ravens would be able to beat the defending Super Bowl champions. Even though the better Manning only threw for 153 yards, the Giants were able to win by 20 points. The Ravens never got closer than within 10 points and you can attribute this Giants victory to their 200+ yard rushing game. Contrast that to Tennessee continuing its undefeated streak through the air.

Easily the biggest story of the week is the game between the San Diego Chargers and the Pittsburgh Steelers. As the game drew to a close, San Diego was deep in its own zone. After Philip Rivers passes the ball, it goes through a couple of laterals, before getting picked up by the giant ball of hair known as Troy Polamalu of the Steelers.

He bumbles into the end zone, pushing the score to 17-10. This would cover the spread of 4.5, but the officials took the TD back after the clock wound down to zero, saying that there was a forward lateral involved. The official score was then posted at 11-10, but the officials later noted that they were wrong to take away the touchdown (but the official final score does not change). The result was something like a $60 million swing in Las Vegas betting… and me getting one of my picks wrong.