Welcome to another edition of What’s Up Wednesdays, my weekly roundup of what’s going on in the blogosphere and what has people talking. As you know, yesterday was Remembrance Day in Canada and many other places around the world had their own versions of paying respect to war veterans and those who sacrificed for their countries. As such, part of the focus of this week’s speedlink surrounds this very topic.

Shane Sakata of Nihon Sun takes a look at a Japanese national who helped save thousands of Jews from Nazi persecution. His name is Chiune Sugihara and his story highlights “the willingness of man to put the greater good above self-interest.”

Darren Barefoot continues on the topic of war veterans by looking at the Canadian soldiers involved in Passchendaele. Darren discusses the recent Paul Gross movie, as well as the actual battle itself.

Rebecca Bollwitt brings up an interesting topic about Remembrance Day. Many people wear red poppies to show respect, but there are movements toward both white poppies and no poppies. Are you being disrespectful by wearing a white poppy or are you simply making a statement?

Buzz Bishop recognizes that while many of us throw around the phrase “lest we forget”, many people don’t really know what it means. In following this, Buzz talks about remembering why we never forget. We must remember, so we’ll never forget.

Free Money Finance, on a more lighthearted note, takes a look at two ways women can make more money. It may sound incredibly sexist, but it has been shown that wearing skirts and makeup can significantly improve a woman’s chances at promotion and salary increases.