First of all, I’d like to wish everyone a happy and safe Halloween. You know what would be really spooky? What would be really scary and terribly eerie? The thing that would frighten me the most is if I finally crack the deplorable NFL football pick performance that I’ve been enduring lately. Wouldn’t it be so creepy if I got all of my picks right this week? Maybe not. But it’d be nice. On with the football!

New York Jets at Buffalo Bills (-5.5)
Although the Bills lost to the Dolphins last week, I still think that they are a solid team and should be able to handle Brett Favre and the Jets in this battle for New York supremacy. Um, let’s leave the Super Bowl champs out of the New York battle for now.
Pick: Buffalo

Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears (-12.5)
The Lions have absolutely no chance of winning this game, but a nearly two touchdown spread is pretty huge. Kyle Orton has the potential. I hope he can pull through for me.
Pick: Chicago

Jacksonville Jaguars (-7.5) at Cincinnati Bengals
Get this. A Bengal wide receiver is mouthing off in the media again, but it’s not Ocho Cinco. Instead, it’s T. J. Houshmandzadeh who has guaranteed that Cincinnati won’t go 0-16 this season. Unfortunately for T.J., the first win isn’t coming against the Jaguars of Jacksonville.
Pick: Jacksonville

Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns (-1.5)
I’m actually quite surprised that the Browns are favored in this game, because the Ravens have shown time and time again that they can bring it when it counts. Bring it, Ray Lewis. Bring the hammer down.
Pick: Baltimore

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-8.5) at Kansas City Chiefs
Fighting through the NFC South, the Bucs have managed to hold their quite well. The Chiefs, by contrast, really bring nothing to the table. I’m not sure if Tampa will win by more than a touchdown, but I’m hopeful.
Pick: Tampa Bay

Houston Texans at Minnesota Vikings (-4.5)
The Texans have shown me something this year. I still think of Houston as an expansion team in its “growing” stages, but if it weren’t for the tough AFC South division (Indy, Jacksonville, and Tennessee), I think the Texans would have a better record than their current 3-4. I foresee an upset here.
Pick: Houston

Arizona Cardinals (-2.5) at St. Louis Rams
The Cards aren’t great, but they’re head and shoulders above the Rams.
Pick: Arizona

Green Bay Packers at Tennessee Titans (-5.5)
Can Aaron Rodgers slow down the seemingly unstoppable Tennessee Titans? After battling back against the Colts last week, the Titans demonstrated that they can not only build a lead, but they can also overcome a deficit. Let’s keep this undefeated streak going.
Pick: Tennessee

Miami Dolphins at Denver Broncos (-2.5)
Denver has the worst defence in the league, but they’ve also got one of the most promising quarterbacks in Jay Cutler. Miami stunned Buffalo last week, but their offence will struggle at Mile High. Don’t expect much in terms of defence from either squad.
Pick: Denver

Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants (-8.5)
This is a must win for the Cowboys and I know that they’re going to have some trouble with the defending Super Bowl champions. Tony Romo, Terrell Owens, and the rest of the Dallas crew certainly have their hands full. Even if they don’t come out on top, I don’t think the Giants are going to trounce them by more than 9 points.
Pick: Dallas

Atlanta Falcons (-2.5) at Oakland Raiders
Matt Ryan has been quite impressive lately and the Falcons’ surprise ascension in the NFL ranks should continue with a victory over the hopeless Raiders of Oakland.
Pick: Atlanta

Philadelphia Eagles (-6.5) at Seattle Seahawks
Qwest Field may be one of the most difficult stadiums for visiting teams, but the Seahawks are injury-ridden and increasingly disorganized. Philly’s not exactly on the rise, but it’ll stride over the ‘hawks.
Pick: Philadelphia

New England Patriots at Indianapolis Colts (-5.5)
This is always one of the most hotly anticipated games of the year. They’re always great, but this year’s game is a little deflating with the ongoing struggles of the Colts and the lack of the Tom Brady for the Pats. This could really go either way and it’s really a must-win for the Colts if they hope to make the playoffs as a wild card. It’ll be tight, so I’ll take the conservative route and opt for the slight underdog. This way, if the Colts win in a tight one, I’ll still be right.
Pick: New England

Pittsburgh Steelers at Washington Redskins (-1.5)
I’ve been impressed the Redskins, despite some of their pitfalls over the course of year. Monday Night should be a good game and I’m going to lean toward the home team.
Pick: Washington